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Everything you need to provide amazing service.

Your service conversations together with our helpdesk tools will make you more productive, give your visibility and intelligence about your customers.

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Photos of employees using a unified customer service tool on their phones and laptops.

Simpler, faster, and more effective service.

Interact with customers across many channels: phone, chat, email, and more.
Talk to customers from anywhere.

Have conversations with customers, any way they prefer to communicate, while  they are seamlessly working together with your helpdesk tools.

Provide amazing customer service, not doing mindless tasks.
Eliminate busywork, focus on customers.

Harness powerful automations that drive customer engagement, even when you’re not around.

Ready-to-use customer service tools
A simple solution, with big results.

Use out-of-the-box tools to start serving customers immediately and add capabilities as you grow.

Manage all customer interactions from one, unified view.

Simplify conversations

Communicate across many channels from a single app.

Combine phone, email, and team messaging in the one helpdesk tool, to make conversations easier to follow and respond to.

  • View all customer details, phone calls, emails, and survey responses quickly — all in one app.
  • Integrate some of your favorite tools in the same workspace.
Integrated with voice

Take your phone service to the next level by connecting seamlessly to all other channels.

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Easy ticket management

Assign team members, set priorities, send reminders, message your team, and more.

Integrates with your tools

Bring your favorite service tools right in. We integrate with a ton of popular tools and services.

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Increase efficiency

Turbocharge your service team with amazing tools.

Give your service team tools that help them to know more, ask for less information, and answer questions faster. Customers will love the experience.

Level up your service team
Nextiva's Call Pop helps you anticipate customer needs with real-time customer intelligence.
Call Pop for service calls

Instantly see important caller details on your screen when receiving a call. Have better conversations and faster service.

Learn about Call Pop
Cross-team collaboration

Any employee can engage the customer with full context of the conversation up until that point.

Integrated CRM features

Use great service to improve customer relationships and reveal additional sales opportunities over time.

Create great experiences for customers. Eliminate busywork for teams.

Let us do some heavy lifting

Liberate your team from repetitive busywork.

Use powerful, easy-to-set-up automations that save time. Let your team to focus on the customer moments that matter instead of the small tedious tasks.

Start automating mundane service tasks
Set up customized automated routines to satisfy customers and save your team time.

A few ways you can improve the customer experience with automations.

Customer satisfaction surveys
Automated surveys

Send automatic surveys after any interaction with customers. Know how they feel and respond based on feedback.

Automted email messages and templates
Automated emails and messages

Send automatic welcome emails, reminders, follow-ups, renewals and more. All without manual work.

Intelligent customer service automation
Macros and Automations

Re-assign tickets, notify managers, suggest answers to questions, and auto-fill common responses with one click.

Your tools. Your way.

Integrate your favorite tools or use our built-in features.

Nextiva integrates with a ton of great tools like Outlook, Salesforce, G Suite, and more.

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All communication channels

Simplify your conversations by bringing phone, email, and messaging into the same app.

Faster ticket management

Use the powerful sorting, filtering, and assignment features to prioritize and complete tickets faster.

Instant customer insights

Get instant insights on each customer without leaving the conversation space.

Automated assistance

Use automations to free up your team’s time and allow them to focus on the customer relationship.

Increased productivity

Get tons of different features and tools that will turbocharge your entire business.

Connect your favorite tools

Get all the power of Nextiva added to your favorite tools. We support tons of popular integrations.

Outlook SFDC Google Zendesk HubSpot Oracle

Take your customer conversations to the next level with Nextiva.

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Nextiva's customer service tools help you to deliver a better customer experience.

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