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We take security seriously. Every Nextiva data center meets the security standards set by the ISO/IEC 27001 certification.


99.999% uptime with zero reported outages in 2019 and 2020. Each data center is equipped with uninterruptible power sources.


Scaling any part of your business phone system is easy. Add phone numbers, new users, or entire new locations from your admin web-portal.

Easy to deploy

Installation is often as easy as configuring your account from a web portal, plugging desk phone hardware into the internet, and downloading the mobile app.

Award-winning support

Rated #1 on Gartner, Frost & Sullivan, G2, and GetVoIP, Nextiva is also a Stevie® Awards winner for Sales & Customer Service.

Rapid expert training

Our trainers can provide on-premise, 1:1, or remote training with webinars, to help you get the most of your unified communications solution.

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Shelby American upgraded their legacy PBX.

Nextiva was easier to manage, more reliable, and robust—with excellent customer service.

Rich Sparkman, Director of Technology
Shelby American

The most trusted and successful brands use Nextiva.
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VoIP Phone Service for Enterprises FAQs

VoIP for enterprise works by using your existing internet connection to make and receive calls. You can personalize your customer experience by setting up an auto attendant feature that can route calls to the appropriate person on your team. Our multi-level auto-attendant intelligent virtual agent features will connect your entire team, no matter where they are working.
Yes, VoIP is good for enterprises because it allows you to easily add phone numbers as your team grows. VoIP is much easier to scale than your traditional landlines since you do not need to drop a copper wire every time you want to add a phone. All you need is an existing internet connection.
The cost of VoIP varies based on how many lines you need. Our most popular plans at Nextiva start at $18.95.
There are many benefits of VoIP for enterprises. The most significant benefit of VoIP for enterprises is that your team can work from anywhere with an internet connection and still be able to take phone calls using their business phone number. Plus, VoIP calling plans are usually cheaper than traditional phone companies, which will save your company money in the long run. Plus, VoIP is more scalable because you can quickly add phone numbers without having to install traditional phone lines. VoIP comes with modern features like voicemail transcription, voicemail to email, auto attendant call routing, high quality sound, and business phone apps that let you turn your computer or any handheld device into a phone.
The difference between enterprise VoIP and a regular landline is that enterprise VoIP works by using your existing internet connection to make and receive calls. A regular landline requires hard-wired copper lines, meaning you are bound to a specific location in order to make calls and a local phone company. With enterprise VoIP, you can take and make calls from anywhere you have an internet connection.

VoIP for Enterprise:
Robust, Scalable Calling

Enterprise VoIP (voice over internet protocol) is a calling solution used by mid to large businesses to provide phones for their employees without needing an on-premise PBX or traditional landlines. VoIP for enterprise works by using the internet to place a phone call or video call.
The biggest benefit of VoIP for your enterprise business is that your employees are no longer bound to a specific desk in order to take or make calls – VoIP works wherever you have an internet connection.

For employees who work remotely or want the work-from-anywhere flexibility, VoIP allows them to be connected no matter where they work. Simply put, VoIP is the easiest way to let your employees work from home and have access to their business phone number.

Features you’ll love about enterprise VoIP:

  • Unlimited lines that can scale with your team
  • Advanced voicemail features like transcriptions sent to email
  • Work-from-anywhere compatibility - no need to be at your desk to take a call
  • Virtual agent call routing - no matter how far apart your team works
  • Individual phone numbers for each employee
  • Mobile app functionality allows your staff to take business calls, from their business phone number, on their personal device

Why your business should switch to enterprise VoIP

Technology is constantly evolving so your phone system should too. It’s time to ditch your old PBX phone system for a more modern VoIP phone solution for enterprise. What does enterprise VoIP give you? You’ll get access to modern VoIP features like visual voicemail, one-time video conferencing, call analytics, and our go-anywhere business phone app.

An enterprise VoIP phone solution is designed to scale as your business grows. No more dropping physical lines every time you add a new employee – adding a new phone number is as simple as logging into your account and pushing a button. Plus, with VoIP for enterprise pricing, you’ll save money each month compared to your traditional phone bill.

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